Patron Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is in place to maintain the PubCo Group's obligations with Responsible Service of Alcohol and ensure full compliance with the Victorian Liquor Control Act 1998.

Minors are not permitted:
• To consume or be supplied with alcohol at any time even by a parent or guardian.
• In the gaming room.
• Under the age of 18 may be on the premises after food service hours.
• To be on the premises past 9 pm, only on the condition they are in the company of and under direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian at all times.

PubCo Group identifies signs of intoxication as, but not limited to the following:
• Dizziness
• Blurred Vision
• Slurred speech
• Delayed reactions
• Loss of inhibitions
• Unconsciousness/Sleepiness
• Aggressive/anti-social behaviour

Intoxicated or Disorderly patrons will:
• Be refused entry to all areas of the premises.
• Be refused service and asked to leave or be removed from the premise immediately.
• Be refused all services provided by Players on Lygon, including gaming.
• Be offered non-alcoholic beverages, water and a taxi will be called if required.
• Customers who, harass, discriminate, verbally or physically assault staff will be removed and banned from PubCo Group .
• Customers refusing to leave the premise when asked to do so and continue to act in an unruly, disorderly or objectionable manner will be referred to the Victoria police and may be subject to “on the spot” fines exceeding $7,000. Management will take whatever action is deemed necessary to maintain a safe environment.

PubCo Group staff are:
• Aware of the licence conditions and the “Hotel policies” pertaining to Responsible service of alcohol.
• Trained and accredited in “Responsible Service of Alcohol”.
• Aware of their obligations under Victorian Liquor Control Act 1998.
• Aware of a patron “Duty of care” including drink spiking, violence and harassment policies and issues.
• Required to check Identification from persons appearing to be under the age of 25yrs. If no acceptable ID is provided and dictated under the liquor licensing law, then that person will be refused entry to the premise and if in the venue will be then asked to leave.
• Required to record all incidents and issues pertaining to breaches of Responsible Service of Alcohol policies in the hotels incident register.
• Not permitted to serve or allow minors to consume or be supplied with liquor on the licensed premise at any time.
• To ensure all contracted or employed security staff are fully licensed under the Victorian Private Security Act 2004 and accredited in RSA.
• Fully aware of fire and emergency evacuation plans and procedures.
• Only able to provide alcohol in standard measured quantities.

PubCo Group:
• Will consider the amenity of its neighbours and the safety of its patrons at all times.
• Engage only in promotions that promote responsible service practices and will not encourage rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol.
• Operates CCTV in all high risk areas. Captured and recorded images are retained for any incident where a person is removes from the venue or is removed injured from the venue and may, on request, be provided to Liquor Licensing Division and or Victoria Police.
• Enforces a dress code as part of its terms of entry and is clearly advised at the entry of the hotel.
• Entry to these premises is conditional on complying with, but not limited to the contents of this policy.